Welcome to ENGEN!

ENGEN LLC is the operator of the Bay County Waste to Energy Facility. The facility is a 500 Tons per Day Waste to Energy facility located in Bay County (just north of Panama City, Florida). The facility produces about 13 MW's per hour of electricity that is utilized throughout the state of Florida.

Through ENGEN's pursuit of excellent safety and environmental records, we have put additional safety (ISO 18001-2008) and environmental programs (ISO 14001-2004) into place. Click on Policies to learn more about each program.

ENGEN LLC is an ISO 18001-2008 certified facility.ENGEN LLC is an ISO 14001-2004 registered facility.

Safety Policy

At ENGEN LLC, Safety is our Number One Priority! For more information about our Safety Policy, click here.

Environmental Policy

At ENGEN LLC, we constantly strive to minimize our impact upon the environment. For more information about our Environmental Policy, click here.


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